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Gyros files are available in various sizes, shapes and cuts.  They accurately shape and smooth wood, plastics, soft metals and other soft materials.  All files, unless otherwise designated, leave exceptional finishes on wood and other soft materials.  We offer Rasp, Riffler and Needle Files and sets.

Needle Files
Needle Files
Gyros "fine-finishing" needle files, ideal for artisans and hobbyists, are used for removing marks left by regular files and for refining shapes. Unless designated otherwise, all files leave exceptional finishes on wood and other soft materials.

Rasp Sets
Rasp Sets
Rasps, another category of files, have a different tooth configuration than rifflers or needle files and are used primarily to remove material quickly from wood, plastic and soft materials.

Riffler Sets
Riffler Sets
Riffler Files are used by engravers, moldmakers, jewelers, modelmakers, gunsmiths and machinists to clean odd and difficult places and for other fine filing jobs. All rifflers, unless otherwise designated, are ideal on metals, wood and plastic.

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